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Country Symphony #9 (16) has won several medals at International wine competitions. It is a unique blend of black currant wine and Vidal winter harvested vine. Treat yourself to this nectar of the gods when you have your next gourmet dessert.

Format – 375 ml bottle. $30.00

Spiced Russet is a unique dessert wine made with pure russet apples from our farm and exotic spices. This is a wine that one of our customers described as “drinking apple pie in a bottle”. The obvious choice of pairings would be apple based desserts or a bowl of delicious French vanilla ice cream.

Format – 500 ml bottle. $16.95

Strawberry Memories is a sweet 100% strawberry dessert wine. The wine has a very strong strawberry bouquet and taste. It is thick upon pouring and could be used as a “drizzle” over cheesecake, fruit, or ice cream, or to be drank straight on its own.

Format – 200 ml Bottle. $16.95

Raspberry Lane is a sweet dessert wine that is by far one of the most appealing fruit wines of Canada and has won many competitions. Rich textures and little colours dance around your palate as you consume your favourite desserts or fruit

Format – 200 ml Bottle. $16.95

Red Velvet is perhaps the most intriguing sweet black currant ‘cassis’ wine that we make and winner of one SILVER, one BRONZE and three GOLD medals. It is of medium red colour with an extremely bold fruit flavour. Enjoy this wine with various baked desserts, cheese cake and don’t forget to pour it over French Vanilla ice cream. Don’t forget to try a Kirr with this ‘cassis’ (glass of white with a shot of Red Velvet) or Kirr Royale (glass of champagne with a shot of Red Velvet)
Format – 200 ml Bottle. $16.95