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Chardonnay is a dry wine that is aged in an oak barrel which imparts a smooth, buttery taste. This wine can be savoured with fish from the sea, barbecued chicken, and pastas with a creamy sauce.

Format – 750 ml bottle. $17.50


Gewurztraminer is a delectable dry (0) white wine that is spicy. It is a unique type of wine that is always an aromatic treat with a racy taste. It compliments such dishes as fresh water fish, chicken, turkey and soft cheeses.

Format – 750 ml bottle. $18.55


Apple Dream is a dry (0) apple wine with attitude and winner of the Bronze medal at the 2000 Toronto Wine and Cheese show.The flavour is very similar to high quality whites with a touch of oak flavour. Barrel aging brings out a more ‘balsy’ taste in this blend of apple varieties. Recommended dishes to accompany this wine include pork schnitzel, pork chops and other light meats.

Format – 750 ml bottle. $13.00


Cox Creek White is a mild wine based on Niagara’s popular French-hybrid grape variety, Seyval Blanc. It is a quality white wine that contains a hint of fruitiness with a dry finish.Any dishes that include chicken or seafood are recommended for this wine.

Format – 750 ml bottle. $13.50


Pinot Grigio is a dry white wine that is crisp and has a punchy acidity with flavors of lemons, limes, green apples and honeysuckle. When served cold, it is the perfect respite from a hot summer’s day.This wine pairs well with seafood and vegetable pastas, risotto, turkey, chicken, rabbit and even sushi.

Format – 750 ml bottle. $19.10


Riesling is a white grape wine with an aromatic variety displaying flowery, almost perfumed, aromas as well as high acidity. This wine pairs well with fish, chicken and light pasta dishes without a tomato sauce base.

Format – 750 ml bottle. $18.95

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Format – 750 ml bottle. $18.55