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About 200 years ago our direct ancestors started a wine making legacy that would span generations. The honourable European tradition is extended to you, bolstered by modern methods and North American style. Cox Creek Cellars was conceived by Mrs. Jerry Trochta & Mr. Kamil Trochta as part of her dream to continue her wine making heritage. The estate winery is the culmination of her family’s hard work and the bounty of the surrounding area. The winery construction started late July 1998 and was completed in time for the November 20, 1998 grand opening.

Over the last 20 years Cox Creek Cellars has been awarded over 104 medals from North American competitions

Cox Creek Cellars Inc. uses natural farming techniques to produce wines of merit and appeal. Our goal is to redefine the nature of fruit wines in Ontario. We are committed to integrity and customer satisfaction. We are also committed to innovation and new product readiness.

More Than Just Wine

Aside from wine, we carry handmade products from local vendors that are perfect for gifts or to be added to a gift basket.

You have full control over the price of your gift basket. We have 3 sizes of baskets to choose from, and you choose your wine and accessories that go along into it; 
no limitations!