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Medium Wines

Harvested Late Fall Gewurztraminer Harvested in Late Fall Gewurztraminer is one of the most valuable white wines due to its richness of body, and mild sweetness with a rose like scent.It is wine to be enjoyed with desserts, or fresh oysters or solf cheeses, and can be sipped on its own without a food pairing.
Format - 750 ml bottle. $18.40
Country Symphony Number 6 Is an apple and raspberry wine with its mild sweetness, well-balanced taste and wonderful raspberry bouquet. It is easily one of our best sellers. This wine will pair well with chicken & white fish, as well as fruit crepes, and soft cheeses and fruit salads.
Format - 750 ml Bottle. $14.05
Cherry Mystique Cherry Mystique is a medium sweet wine (2) with an immediately identifiable nose of sour cherries. This wine is very smooth with a delightfully fruity aroma. Cherry Mystique is best enjoyed with fruity desserts and pies, bittersweet chocolate, or your favourite cheese.
Format - 750 ml bottle. $14.05
Sweet Apple Dreams Sweet Apple Dreams is a medium sweet apple wine with a full bodied texture and pleasing taste. It is made from a blend of six different apples from our orchard. This wine will pair well with appetizers of goat cheese and fruit, or other soft cheeses with a sharp taste. It will also pair well with sweet and sour pork, pineapple ham, or curried chicken. Enjoy it also over ice on a hot afternoon.
Format - 750 ml bottle. $12.95
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