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Semi-Dry Red

Country Sunrise Country Sunrise is an off dry (1) black currant wine that has a playfully fruity aroma with a decent mouth filling taste. This fruit wine goes quite well with barbecued ribs garnished in a typical North American sauce.
Format - 750 ml bottle. $15.25
Apple Sunset Apple Sunset is an interesting blend of apples (60%), black currant (35%) and cherries (5%) to deliver a blush that has the passion of black currant and the distinctiveness of dry apple wine. Although this wine is off dry (1), there are many delightful foods that can accompany this blush which include light cheeses and cheese fondues, as well as quesidillas.
Format - 750 ml bottle. $14.05
Cranberry Cranberry is a 100% off dry cranberry wine that falls between 0 and a 1, with a marked cranberry taste and bouquet. Of course the choice meal for this wine is the traditional turkey dinner. However, a chicken dish would not be shamed by this bottle at all.
Format - 750 ml Bottle.$16.85
Blackberry This off dry red wine is made from 100% blackberries from Stoney Creek. It has a beautiful berry aroma and smooth blackberry taste. This wine has been barrel aged in American oak for a short time, which adds an additional "twist" to the flavour.
Format - 750 ml Bottle. $15.50
Blackberry Raspberries may be one of the most exciting fruits for winemaking. With their enticing sweet and sour flavour, we are able to create a wine with vibrant acidity, balanced by the berries natural sweetness. This aromatic Off-Dry wine is the perfect pairing for spicy foods, fresh goat cheese, sweet Italian sausages and watermelon/feta salads. Great for use in Cocktails! Best enjoyed chilled.
Format - 750 ml Bottle. $15.05
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