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Dry Red

Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Sauvignon is a classic dry red wine. Barrel aged in French oak, which creates a smooth taste with lots of berry flavours and with a hint of smoked almond. This wine can accompany red meats, roasted goose, and any other strong tasting meat dishes
Format - 750 ml bottle. $20.70
Merlot A well-known, tipically dry red wine with a hint of dark cherry on the nose. Our Merlot is aged in American Oak which imparts slight dill nad baking spice aromas. This wine is fruit forward and smooth, it is made from grapes of the Pelee Island region.
Format - 750 ml Bottle. $18.40
Pinot Noir Pinot Noir is a medium bodied red wine with subtle blueberries notes in taste and bouquet. This wine has earthy overtones from its aging process, which takes place in chestnut barrels. Pinot Noir is a beautiful wine that can be sipped with red meat or even chicken. It is a bottle that can stand alone, or be partnered with a meal.
Format - 750 ml Bottle. $18.40
Back Home Back Home is an original dry red wine made with 100% black currants. Barrel aged in French oak. The wine is very aromatic, with a lush rich taste. It is a well-balanced bottle of red wine with good acidity which creates a lively finish on the palate. It goes well with wild game, and red meats
Format - 750 ml bottle. $16.85
Cox Creek Red Cox Creek Red - Oaked is vinified from Baco Noir Grapes. This dry barrel aged wine carries flavours of wood, spice and richness with smokey undertones.

Cox Creek Red - Unoaked is vinified from Baco Noir grapes. The unoaked style is medium bodied for those who appreciate a red wine for sipping and decent colour.
Pair Cox Creek Red Oaked and Unoaked with beef stews, wild fowl or any harder cheeses.
Format - 750 ml bottle. $12.95 (Oaked) or $12.55 (Un-Oaked)
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